Robert Howard


With online school, because I could move on to the next class when I was done with the first instead of waiting for everyone else, meant I had lots of extra study time and I ended up being top in my class.

Robert Howard

Joining a blended and Online learning school (community) has been fantastic to say the least. In a traditional classroom the teachers are very limited in what they can do. They have to teach at a slow and steady pace so that everyone can learn. They also can't teach how they want because of that slow pace and their funding. These limits affect every one of the students in the following ways: the less advanced students are not learning as well as they could if they had more individualized attention, and the advanced students are forced to stay behind and review information in which they have already learned without getting the opportunity to move on. Another common reason for students to do poorly in traditional schools is bullying.

The online schooling that I have experienced has proven to have much fewer limitations. In an online classroom a teacher is capable of letting the advanced students learn at what ever pace they want while the less advanced can get more one on one time with the teacher to help them catch up.

I had known about online school for awhile before I started, but was brought in by the vast choices of classes, the independence of the students, freedom to learn, and the general politeness of teachers and students alike.



Collinsville, OK


Oklahoma Connections Academy


Tulsa Community College