Charley Hill


Digital education has made it really affordable for me to go to college now. Before I wasn’t sure I would be able to get a bachelor’s degree without being in so much debt. Now I’ve shaved off over a year of college because I’ve completed 30+ credit hours through my high school and online classes.

Charley Hill

Online and blended course help bridge the gap for students in many ways. Most of the time these classes are used because it is easier for the student to learn at their own pace than at the pace of the traditional classroom. The activities in online classes are also more current than some traditional classroom and can keep students engaged as well.

When I was choosing to take online classes, I was looking forward to the flexibility of doing these classes anywhere, as I work close to thirty hours a week. In a traditional classroom, I always thought it was really slow learning environment, because we took a long time to get through one lesson. On my online learning classes through Stark State Community College, we went through the material quickly and it was easier for me to remember what I needed to know for tests and quizzes, while still getting to go in depth in these classes.

Teachers have become less who I think of as the people who stand in front of the room telling you what to do with your work and more as mentors.

Technology has made my education on the go. Besides having time for extracurriculars, it’s given me so much time to work with Things for Teens which is a nonprofit I started in my school to help kids easily acquire very minimal necessities like food, clean clothes, and personal hygiene products.



Cambridge, OH


Meadowbrook High School


Washington State Community College