Taylor Thomas


Attending an online school has given me an incredible work ethic and the drive to succeed academically.

Taylor Thomas

The online school I attend offers many resources including tutoring and office hours, with no judgement and no panic that I needed to be the smartest person in the class. It gave me the chance to focus on my academics with no fear of being bullied by teachers or students and the time to complete their assignments without the distractions of others. Getting to learn at my own pace and having people who were willing to help me with classes I did struggle in has been incredible for me. It's given me a flexible schedule so I am able to participate in all of the activities I want to be a part of and has allowed me to have a job as well.

To be able to choose some of my courses was another thing that I have loved about the online program I've done. I've always had a passion for writing so to be able to take extra courses involving that was fantastic. The teachers and counselors were awesome in making sure I'd completed all of my credits but also kept in mind the type of courses I was interested and did their best to include those in my academic year.

I met with a teacher once a week who really changed my life. She taught me so much, not academically, but how to solve real-world problems and grow as an individual and become a leader and a well-rounded human being. I also got to meet so many people from around the world which in a normal school setting I couldn’t have gotten.

Since I'll be attending a college in the fall, a classroom setting is something I'm going to have to get used to. I will always enjoy the online schooling I did for the convenience of it and how nice it has been to not have any distractions from others whatsoever, but I'm also ready for the new adventures and challenges that college life will bring.



Kirkville, NY


Calvary Preparatory Academy


Onondaga Community College