April Vincent


Thanks to online learning, I was able to be a cheerleader AND pursue my interest in journalism. Without online and blended learning, I would have never had these amazing opportunities. Blended and online learning provides students with a high quality AND enjoyable education.”

April Vincent

Blended and online learning courses are what students have been craving. They bridge the gap between curriculum and academic achievement because students are finally being treated as they should be, as individuals.

Blended and online learning makes it feasible for students to design their own paths through a course. Students may spend as much or as little time on a subject as they need, relieving those feelings of stress or monotony so many students like me have in traditional classes.

Students are now able to apply to their educations what they use in their personal lives, technology, utilizing it in innovative ways, such as using Zoom to hold live classes or Blackboard to post assignments, making it possible for students to collaborate with not only those inside their own schools, but their entire states and world as well.

Online and blended learning makes education more accessible than ever, with course content being available at anytime, anywhere, empowering students to go on vacation AND attend class. It is now possible for students to be home sick and stay ahead of their assignments.

As a student attending a small, rural school district, there were opportunities that were unavailable to me. Online and blended learning has allowed me to accumulate 15 hours of college credit. Not only was I enrolled in these courses, but I excelled in them, earning A's in each one thanks to the support system built into blended and online learning programs.

Online and blended learning has also allowed me to take classes that I was always interested in but weren't available traditionally at my school such as psychology. I was also able to take classes that were only available during the athletic period.



Drew Central High School


University of Arkansas