Ruth Garnas


I have been able to work ahead at my own pace and obtain more college credits at a quicker rate than usual because of this academic outlet that has been provided to me, through my school district.

Ruth Garnas

Blended learning and online classes are a great tool for advanced learners, such as myself. They provide an atmosphere of self-motivation and learning for those who are willing to put in the work and make individual advancement.

The classes that I have chosen to take online have helped me expand my knowledge beyond the opportunities that have been provided for me in a traditional rural classroom setting. These classes have helped me discover my love and interest for the agriculture and animal sciences, while also teaching me how to successfully balance a rigorous academic schedule along with a multitude of extracurricular activities.

In a traditional classroom there are deadlines and a teacher that knows when the student needs extra help and attention. In an online learning environment, it is up to the students to teach themselves and to advocate to get the help that they need.

I was really able to branch out and learn about myself through online and blended learning. I don’t think I could have gotten as far without it. It taught me a lot about myself and made me work harder as a student. And on top of this, I was able to be involved in the community at the same time. Honestly, I can’t imagine going through school without this awesome technology.

Another difference between the traditional learning style and online learning is the ability to move at your own pace rather than waiting for every student to grasp the idea. I credit my success to the learning opportunities that have been available to me through online learning and the forward thinking of our school district and the technological advances in education.Throughout the four years that I have been taking online courses I have obtained 47 college credit hours that will successfully transfer to Kansas State University in the fall of 2018. These credits will give me opportunities to be ahead of schedule to obtain a four-year degree in Agronomy so that I can continue to push myself even further. I will have time to participate in internships related to my degree so that I can obtain hands-on experience and create networking relationships that will benefit me after graduation.



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