Maggie Kleiman


Education is about igniting the spark that lies within each of us. Online learning has allowed me to focus on discovering and nurturing that spark. Blended and online courses empowered me to ignite change in the world, in other people and, perhaps most importantly, within myself.

Maggie Kleiman

On a sunny day, if I move a magnifying glass around over a newspaper, nothing happens. But if I focus the sun’s rays in one spot, I can ignite flames.

Focus is the key to success in anything we do. Like any skill, the ability to focus can be developed over time. Unfortunately, traditional classrooms are filled with distractions that kill our concentration and drain our mental energy.

I've always been a GOOD student. Blended and online courses helped me become a GREAT student. Developing my focus and self-discipline translated into higher grades and test scores, including scoring in the top 3% nationally on the ACT. Online learning also developed my self-awareness and self-acceptance.

I felt more connected with classmates online than I ever did sitting in a classroom. It doesn’t always feel safe expressing yourself in a traditional classroom. In an online class, I can be myself.

When I'm taking an online course, I don’t have to hide my intelligence and curiosity. I work at my own pace. I go above and beyond, thirsting to know more.

I've had health problems throughout my life and plan a career in medicine. Interestingly, my favorite course ever was an online literature course. Honest discussions taught me about human fears and vulnerabilities. This understanding will make me a better physician and a kinder human being.

Online courses built my confidence, transforming me from a passive note-taker into the champion of my education and a leader in my community. In my Environmental Science course, we used high-tech visualization tools to propose solutions to environmental problems. I now feel prepared and empowered to tackle real-world challenges.



Hutchinson, MN


Hutchinson High School


University of South Dakota