Cole Kiser


Online schooling has given me what traditional schools could not: a consistent and challenging curriculum wherever I am.

Cole Kiser

As a military child, I have experienced seven duty stations in 17 years. While I do not regret my family’s lifestyle, it makes my education challenging. Since each state has their own curriculum, there is the potential for students like myself to have gaps in their learning. This is why I chose an online school.

Online schooling curriculum remains the same no matter which duty station my family is assigned to. In addition, if we have to move in the middle of a school year, there is no disruption in my schooling.

Online learning also offers access to challenging AP classes that are not always available at local schools. These reasons ultimately led to my decision to attend an online learning environment.

When I compare my years in a traditional classroom to those in online learning, I am often amazed at the amount of time I spent on activities that had little to do with my education. Hours of my school day were spent riding a bus to and from school, attending mandatory assemblies, and listening to teachers deal with disciplinary issues.

The online environment allows me to focus my time on academics. The extra time in my day is now available for real world experiences that supplement my education such as medical research, hospital internships, and a part-time job. If I had stayed in a traditional school, I do not think these experiences would have been possible.

My online education experience has made me into a better person. It’s helped me with time management which is going to help me in college this fall. And so I’m very grateful for that. That has changed my life.

Education should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Online learning has allowed me to design a plan that meets my needs and offers me the best opportunity for success. Thanks to my online school I have been able to have experiences that have enriched my education and prepared me for college and my ultimate goal of attending medical school.



Vacaville, CA


California Virtual Academy @ Sonoma


University of Alabama