Kelly Currington


Online and blended learning courses have helped me gain a high-quality education, as well as life skills I will need as I become an adult. I’m very grateful for that.

– Kelly Currington

Blended and online learning bridges learning gaps for students by giving students the freedom to learn at a proper pace, gain responsibility, and gain a deeper education. The blended and online learning style gives students the freedom to learn at a pace that is more suited to their learning style.

While taking Spanish 1 through Virtual Arkansas, I was given the tools and the amount of time necessary to learn the subject material the way that I needed to. This structured freedom allowed me to take more time on things that I found challenging and to finish things that I found easier so that I could move on to new subject material.

In a traditional class, if the majority of the class is ahead or behind, then students who are not in the same boat are at a disadvantage. Online and blended courses help prevent that from happening. The freedom of online and blended classes gives students a chance to learn responsibility. It is ultimately up to each student to contact their teacher if they have any questions or concerns. There is not someone that is constantly telling each student to get their work done. This ownership of responsibility prepares students for the future when there may not be someone reminding them to turn in their college research paper or pay their electric bill.

While taking AP Literature and Composition through Virtual Arkansas, I quickly realized that the blended learning style encouraged me to read more thoroughly. I was given the time to embrace the homework and consider the questions for it more thoughtfully.

Online and blended classes allow students to learn more in-depth. Since I was given notice of assignments several weeks before they were due, I was able to work on something and come back later. The relatively stress-free environment of online and blended courses helped me have a deeper education.



Mountain Pine, AR


Mountain Pine High School


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