Emma Coffman


Virtual learning allowed me to gain career skills, receive an excellent high school education, and set the foundation for a successful future.

– Emma Coffman

I attended a brick and mortar high school for 1 1⁄2 years; however, my specialized extracurricular competitions required frequent absences, causing me to struggle to keep up with school. My participation in livestock shows and judging contests provided valuable hands-on learning experiences directly related to my chosen career in animal nutrition, but it also required me to travel during school. My absences exceeded my school’s attendance policy, challenged my teachers to create materials I could study outside the classroom, and generated an overload of work for me upon my return to school.

Transferring to an online public school allowed me to develop career skills through livestock activities while receiving a high-quality education. Career technical online courses such as Medical Terminology prepared me for my chosen major (Animal Science) and were not offered at my brick and mortar school. I chose all Advanced Placement (AP) courses when available because I wanted to challenge myself and prepare for the rigors of college. I chose science and business electives to complement my degree plan and career choice which includes eventually owning my own business. I learned how to complete schoolwork during livestock activities; studying during long drives to stock shows, talking to teachers on the phone while in the barn, and taking tests while waiting for judging competitions.

Virtual learning enabled me to take the time I needed to understand the material before moving on to the next subject; something I was not able to do before online school.

I also noticed that the online teachers were much more willing to help me with my questions and they tried their best to create a relaxed environment. Online courses decreased my stress and dramatically improved my grades. I became a member of the NHS and am in the top 10% of my school. Virtual learning allowed me to gain career skills, receive an excellent high school education and set the foundation for a successful future.



Temple, TX


Texas Connections Academy


Texas A&M University