Jason Wheeler


Online school gave me chance to become what I am, not what people want me to be.

Jason Wheeler

Blended and online courses help bridge students to a great school that does not discriminate and opens a way to get to collage. When I was in brick and mortar school, I was discriminated against big time. I always received low grades due to teacher bias. I started an online school in third grade, and in that year, it was one hundred percent better then when I was in a traditional school. I was on the honor roll right at the start and I skipped a grade in math.

The characteristics that led to my decision to change to an online school was basically a better school life where no one cares about my disabilities. Since I have trouble speaking, people have thought that I was dumb, but in an online school no one made the assumption about my intelligence even for a second.

If I had never found out about Branson School Online, I probably would not be the same person that I am today. Online classes have changed my life for the better, and all kids who are having trouble in school should consider taking online classes.



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