Dylan Murrell


“If I had to describe online classes in one word it would be a blessing"; "Online classes are a win-win.”

– Dylan Murrell

Online learning is a blessing for students. There are many opportunities associated with online learning that wouldn't be possible without it. With online learning, students can take classes that would otherwise not be available to them. Small schools like mine have a limitation on the classes we are able to choose from.

Online is very helpful in trying to get ahead for your desired college degree. There are so many classes to choose from, and you can choose classes that will go towards a degree. I personally chose classes that would challenge me academically with AP classes last year, and Concurrent College courses this year.

Learning online is different than traditional classes. Students are allowed to work at their own pace, and don't have a teacher in the room with them. This is beneficial in many ways, but in certain types of classes it's difficult. There are classes that some students do better in with a teacher in the room, but overall online learning is beneficial for students.



Kingston, AR


Kingston School


Northwest Arkansas Community College