Grace Mccrea


“Online schooling pushed me further than my public school peers; I don't think that my mom has ever regretted putting us in online school.”

– Grace Mccrea

There is a stigma that surrounds homeschooling. Being an online student for eleven years, I've seen it frequently. After all, what is  the worst punishment that a public-school student can receive? Online schooling–that desolate isolation from everything they hold dear. I don't see it that way. Online schooling provides a variety of teaching methods that helps every student succeed. In my school, there's not just a teacher in front of a classroom. We have live teaching sessions, textbooks, Youtube videos, and virtual activities.

Growing up in an online school, I've been pushed to learn bigger, achieve more, and think   larger. Being challenged forged me into a stronger student, so that I was  able to  start college classes  as a  high school sophomore. I'm now a senior–and two classes away from an associate's degree.

Having developed an independent mind and a strong work ethic, I thrive in the traditional classroom setting of my college. I am proof. Online schooling is more than they think.



Ashland, OH


Ohio Virtual Academy


OSU Agricultural Technical Institute