Noble Mushtak


“I feel like I got a really wide range of online courses and overall all of them helped me to expand my opportunities especially in math and courses that they just don't offer at my high school.”

– Noble Mushtak

Often, high-school classes fail to cover all of a student’s academic interests, leaving students unsatisfied and disinterested in their courses. However, online courses can bridge gaps in the traditional curriculum by empowering students to continue learning outside the classroom. Personally, I have used online courses to explore a wide variety of subjects, from differential equations to macroeconomics. These courses do not have set class times, which lets me work whenever I am most productive.

Moreover, the self-paced nature of online courses allows me to learn new material faster than in traditional classes, meaning I never get bored and am always encountering new intellectual challenges.

In general, online classes are much more flexible than traditional high school, permitting students to pursue their own interests at a pace and schedule that works for them. Therefore, I appreciate online courses because they expand my educational opportunities and allow me to learn independently.



South Berwick, ME


Marshwood High School


Massachusetts Institute of Technology