Audrey Oltrogge


“I highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take online courses; they open doors for you that you would not have had otherwise, and if you have the chance, taking these courses can change your life in many different ways.”

– Audrey Oltrogge

My life has been spent thus far growing up in a small community. I spent the first few years of my life living in the Wyoming countryside and then moved to Central Montana where I have lived since. I live with my immediate family: my mother, father, and little brother. Living in a small town also comes with attending a small high school.

I have attended the same K–12 school since I was five. Though this did not affect me much during elementary or even middle school, as a high school student I have struggled with the lack of variety in classes offered. I have combated this by taking online courses through Montana Digital Academy and Great Falls College MSU.

This has helped me in broadening my education and teaching me responsibility over my own circumstances. It has also offered me a variety of learning options that I would have been otherwise been denied. It has helped me to increase my knowledge, and make it so that I can better compete with students from larger schools.



Stanford, MT


Stanford High School


University of Utah