Peyton Pinchoff


“Communication with the teachers goes a long way.”

– Peyton Pinchoff

Blended and online learning courses help bridge learning gaps for students by pushing the students to take responsibility for their education. Students more efficiently grasp the information being taught because they rely on their own efforts to pass. When offered the choice of online learning, the characteristics of the learning environment were more revolved around the student. The student has to have the initiative to be on time to live classes, submit work by the due date, and make sure they turn in work on time.

The focus of online learning tends to be the personal efforts of students. Online learning courses are much different from traditional classrooms and each experience has advantages and disadvantages.

Online courses allow students to grow at their own pace, and give the student a chance to master concepts more efficiently. Traditional classrooms focus more on the instructor and because of the larger pool of students, the pace of learning tends to slow down.



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