Adam Ray


“Since my high school got Google Chromebooks and moved curriculum into Google Classroom, there was never any disruption from snow days. We never had a break in learning and teachers could count on us to do our work and not have to recover content at school.”

Adam Ray

It's been my experience with online learning that students who wish to pursue a career in a field in which their high school does not offer a traditional class for, this will allow them to gain the experience and hours needed toward obtaining that goal. I have taken an online college algebra course and an online course called Foundation of Sports Medicine. I took both those courses because I knew I wanted to go to college and taking college algebra now would open up more opportunities to take classes needed for my major.

I have always been interested in sports, so I wanted to see if going into a field of sports medicine or kinesiology might be an option for me. In my experience of learning in a traditional classroom as compared to learning in an online environment, I have really enjoyed the challenge of the online classes. It has allowed me to work ahead in some cases as well as become more responsible for my learning.



Berryville, AK


Berryville High School


North Arkansas College