Matthew Whorton


“Teachers in the online school are there when you need them and you have more one-on-one time with them this way you get to learn what you need to learn not what the class needs to learn.”

– Matthew Whorton

Every day, when I go to and from school, I trudge uphill both ways through the snow 5 feet into the dining room…

Ever since 6th grade, I have attended Texas Connections Academy, an online public school, and as a result all my classes are online. I can say from experience that online learning can help students excel. Not only does it allow students that are struggling to spend more time on material they don’t understand, but it also allows students that are bored to learn at a faster pace. I was bored in the traditional classroom and I felt like I was not learning anything. Now that I take online courses, I learn something new every day. Because of this, I have been able to take more advanced courses including AP and online dual credit courses. This has resulted in me having 59 credit hours that will count towards my college degree.



Cypress, TX


Texas Connections Academy at Houston


University of Texas at Austin