Taylor Hatfield


“I enjoy the independent work and it (online schooling) opened up worlds of opportunity for me that I just never I would have had if was in a traditional classroom.”

– Taylor Hatfield

Online courses provide independent learning opportunities and flexibility that no traditional class can provide. Not everyone works their best in traditional classes. I am one of many people who learns more thoroughly on my own schedule, and through online learning I have gained the responsibility to successfully manage an independent schedule.

I chose to pursue an online education where I have been able to work a job that I love, spend high school volunteering in the field where I want a career, and be involved in many organizations because I could study ahead when I had the time and free myself up on days that I needed to work or travel.

Having studied online as well as in traditional classrooms, I always performed better online. It stretched me to learn all the material for myself because there weren’t classmates around me with answers, yet I haven’t missed out on any social opportunities because online learning has enabled me to pursue those interactions outside of the classroom.



Albany, GA


Hatfield Homeschool Academy


Liberty University