Raven Huff


“Online learning offers something for everyone; All of the teachers are very motivating, encouraging you to do your personal best; I wouldn't be where I am today without online classes.”

– Raven Huff

Throughout my time with online school and traditional schools, I find that with online school it is easier for students to learn because there are all types of learning styles involved. It also makes it easier for traveling, working, or really busy students still get their education even with a busy life. The characteristics of the courses I chose were based on what would help me be more knowledgeable for college.

Every year I seek to find what will help the most rather than waste my time on something that I won't use. Personally, I do better with online school because it is on my time and I can study something longer if I need to to make sure I understand it. While, with other areas, I can go through it faster.

Online we are just students, supporting each other for a common goal. I was able to do dual credit courses obtaining college credit while in High School. This gave me more knowledge of college courses and workload as well as the credit to start working on my degree for nursing.



Denison, TX


Texas Online Preparatory School


Grayson College