Areanna Johnson


“If you feel like regular school isn't working, you need more time and you need to switch it those online courses. Use the 21st century technology. It works.”

– Areanna Johnson

Blended or online courses break the walls of the traditional classroom. My high school did not offer a class that I was interested in, but the option to take it online was very beneficial to me–laying the groundwork for the career path I’ll choose in the future. In class teachers often ask students to participate in group discussions, but many are shy and reluctant to share.

Online discussion platforms are more relaxed and make students more comfortable sharing ideas than face to face. Unlike the traditional comprehensive learning environment, online courses gave me the leisure to work at my own pace, without learning too fast lacking proficiency.

The average class usually runs from an hour to an hour and a half. This means that there are limitations to how much time your teacher can spend instructing and making sure you've grasped the objectives. With online courses, my teacher is available daily to help me succeed. I have the option to call, text, email, or even video chat.



Casa Grande, AZ


PPEP Tec High School


Rasmussen College