Mary Harter


“With a combination of online and in person classes, I was able to customize my transcript. Blended learning allowed me to have the flexibility to work 2 jobs and apply to over 20 colleges in my senior year.”

– Mary Harter

I have definitely had a nontraditional academic path. I attended a private elementary and middle school, skipped 8th grade, attended a public high school for two years, and I now take a combination of college (online and in-person), independent, and online courses. Some would say I've done it all! I chose to homeschool to allow more flexibility in my academic choices.

I found high school to be mundane, and online courses allow me to challenge myself academically, and in time management. Taking online classes requires discipline, a very valuable skill to develop early in life. Online classes allow for personalization. You can take your time on something that is hard or skip over things you've already learned.

Having such a broad educational experience has allowed me to see many perspectives. Ultimately, online classes allowed me to move faster and make more progress than traditional school.



Richmond, KY




UC Santa Cruz