Alexandria Hall


“Blended learning has taught me to be successful in today's modern business world. Online collaboration tools flood the market, and you need to be able to communicate with very geographically diverse teams these days.”

– Alexandria Hall

Online schools provide distance and schedule flexibility. A student can watch recordings if they miss a live class from anywhere there is an internet connection. Even if someone did not understand a concept the first time, they are able to re-watch the recording at any time and reach out via e-mail to teachers.

After trying a traditional classroom, I chose a blended remote program (Online classroom/live science labs) because it best fit my schedule and college transfer requirements. Compared to my in-person school experience, online and blended schools offer less distractions.

No social pressure, appearance pressures or style of dress pressures. Internet-based learning also offered another benefit specific to me as an individual; after both of my grandfathers died within a short time of each other, I did not struggle to keep up with the distraction, pressures, and schedule I’d face in a traditional school. I was able to time-shift and complete my classes as I worked through my grief.



Cupertino, CA


California Virtual Academy


De Anza College