Julia Grimm


“I actually graduated from Columbus State Community College before I graduated from high school.”

– Julia Grimm

The nine online classes I have taken through the College Credit Plus program at Columbus State Community College have allowed me to challenge myself academically, something that I would have missed in a traditional classroom. Not only am I challenged academically, but I have also found that online courses have taught me skills that I will take far beyond college.

At a time when technology is flooding the workplace, I have already learned to communicate professionally with peers through the internet via discussion boards. Online courses also demand important skills such as time management and organization.

I’ve also found in my on-campus college courses that the lectures and classroom experiences often do not enhance my learning and that I would have been better off taking the class online where my abilities or weaknesses are not limited by the constraints of the traditional classroom. Lastly, online courses have helped show me how to take control of my own educational experience.



Plain City, OH


Little Lantern Academy


Columbus State Community College