Kylie Gardner


“Not willing to sacrifice my athletic goals, I researched alternatives to brick and mortar schools so that I could practice and train as needed without disrupting my school goals....None of this (my accomplishments) would have been possible without the option of attending online school...I have been given the opportunity for flexibility and independence.”

– Kylie Gardner

Online learning course bridge learning gaps by allowing students to learn at their own pace, so as not to rush one student to keep up with another and to not let a student be held behind when they are capable of moving forward at an accelerated rate. I chose my online courses based on the flexibility, knowledge contained, and accessibility of the courses. My time spent in a traditional class was not managed well due to the clunky structure of the course and the inability to move forward despite my capability to do so.

I found it hard to excel in the class as I could not move forward when I wanted, and had to fall behind the curve as the teacher wished for all of the students to learn the material at the same rate. However, my time in an online course was much different.

I am able to move at my own pace, which allows me to gain the most knowledge I can at an accelerated rate. I can also structure the class around my schedule rather than having to rush to fit everything in.



Winston Salem, NC


North Carolina Connections Academy


King University