Emmy Foty


“The cool thing about being an online student is that I was also able to take classes in class too. I started going to my local community college my junior year and I was able to take courses there while taking course online...the flexibility was amazing.”

– Emmy Foty

Social anxiety was at its peak in seventh grade. Struggling both  academically and socially, I began to refuse to go to school. I couldn't ask for help at school, which led to poor grades and feeling stupid. When I started online  school I was able to work at my own  pace, which boosted my confidence and  lessened my social  anxiety. I grew excited to learn again. Picking the right presentation of the material is essential in an online course. Some online courses have readings and discussions.

Others present videos and quizzes to be completed. I try to pick courses that have a blend of discussions, textbook readings, and outside sources. I don't believe online school is right for everyone. It requires lots of discipline and independence, but if hard work is put in, the outcome can bring lots of hope, happiness, and discovery.

Online school showed me how to learn, and without it I would still be struggling. I still struggle with social anxiety, but online school gave me the love of learning



Baltimore, MD


Indiana University High School


Unity College