Owen Sziber


Online courses allowed me to thrive as a student and enjoy my schooling even more.

Owen Sziber

I believe that online learning courses bridge the learning gap in several ways for students. For example, it allows students to take their time on assignments, to move as quickly or slowly as they would like. This lets students absorb the information, take their time on subjects they find difficult, and move quickly through lessons that they grasp more easily. It also allows students to feel more at ease, as they can personalize their learning environment.

When choosing between an online format and a blended format, I chose the online format for several key reasons. First, I did not have to be at a physical location at a set time. This was a bonus because it allows me to have a flexible schedule to have a part-time job at the local library in the mornings and complete school in the afternoon.

I was able to complete my high school courses, a number of college courses, volunteer, and hold a part-time job.

Another reason I chose to use online schooling was the concentrated focus on education, rather than socializing with classmates during class time. Learning in a traditional setting was much more difficult for me than learning in an online setting. I attended a brick and mortar public school from kindergarten to seventh grade. In the traditional school, I was distracted by peer pressure, as I felt the need to be popular.

I disliked the continued disruptions frequent in a traditional school setting which distracted me and other students that were trying to learn. In the online format, this problem is essentially eliminated. Traditional schools also have a set time limit for the classes, but students may have difficulty understanding a specific point and would like to spend more time with the lesson material. Online schools allow you to take as much time on a lesson as you need. For these reasons, online courses allowed me to thrive as a student and enjoy my schooling even more.



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