Mickalia Ayers


I would not be the person I am today, If I had not gone to an online school. I’m a lot more relaxed. I’m a lot more smiley. I’m a much more positive person.

– Mickalia Ayers

Being an online student for ten years at Buckeye Online School for Success has allowed me to catch onto technology quickly and work on platforms more easily. At my online school, I could do schoolwork from my phone which allowed me to travel. Being able to work at my own pace has helped me excel in school and progress a lot more than I would of without it. Online schooling has also allowed me time to do more things outside of school.

When I went to traditional school, I was taught the basics and I wasn’t able to advance in topics that interested me. When I switched to online school, I was challenged. As I advanced into high school I became to realize I had more interests than the average person, I wanted to be so many different things.

Online schooling taught me more and allowed me to be the best educated student possible.

Online schooling helped me find my true passion. I’ve decided to be a Chiropractor because of my love for Science due to the influences of my Biology and Anatomy teacher. My online Anatomy teacher created a passionate, welcoming, and inspiring environment that will help me in the pursuit of my career.

The stereotype that online and homeschooled kids are antisocial is not fully true. As an online student I have had many opportunities to connect with other students through being the president for my National Honor Society chapter, a member of Debate club, a member of Student senate, and a participant in many educational field trips. Being an "online" kid, has allowed me to grow to my best potential, and become a beneficial member of society.



Leetonia, OH


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