Livvie Suko


“Online school is different for everyone, for me is was about the flexible schedule" ...It promotes independence, self initiative and problem solving.”

– Livvie Suko

Online learning courses offer a vast spectrum of opportunities for students to learn in a way best suited to them. Taking online classes allows for a more flexible schedule, so students can do their work when they are at their best and take the time they need. This also gives students more time for extracurricular activities and spending time with loved ones.

Online programs such as Blackboard Collaborate fashion live, interactive classrooms, while the courses are rounded out with peer discussions, labs, assignments, and individual teacher feedback. Furthermore, with modern technology, online instructors are just an email or phone call away.

I have enjoyed taking online courses because of these attributes and the freedom I have been granted to learn at my own pace, delving deeper into topics and discussions. Online courses encourage self-initiative and discipline while developing a new style of learning with the amazing tools we have access to.



Cypress, TX


Texas Connections Academy at Houston


University of Texas at Austin