Christian Rodriguez


“It is not that school was not a priority for me. I was able to graduate high school in 4 years with a 4.5 GPA and graduate with my AA degree at the same time with a 4.0 was just that I could do it and put in that time and effort when and where I could because of that flexibility.”

– Christian Rodriguez

When I was in school, I struggled to sit still and be quite in the classroom. I wanted to talk to those around me but I didn’t work as quickly as the other kids. I would spend my time trying to talk, then get really upset when I ran out of time on the assignment and get bad marks for behavior. The change to online learning freed from distractions and gave me the freedom to learn at a pace and in a style that worked for me.

By having to read the majority of the material myself, I had to learn how to read well and efficiently, while maintaining my focus and managing my time. As I grew older, online learning allowed me to choose classes that better suited my interests, I choose classes with a focus on writing so I could further that skill set.

By taking online classes, I was able to dual-enroll starting in the 8th grade while still being active in my community. I will be graduating high school with an AA degree, something that would not have been possible for me without online learning.



Live Oak, FL


Rodriguez Home School


North Greenville University