Jailene Chay


I have received more feedback on my work than I have throughout my 10 years attending a brick and mortar school.

– Jailene Chay

Online learning is completely different from people who experience it and those who look in from the outside. Blended and online learning can help bridge gaps for students. Students will have the ability to learn at their own pace, get more feedback, and to rely more on yourself. Many students learn at different paces.

As a slower and more visual learner, I have always had trouble in a classroom setting. Switching to online school gave me the ability to learn at my own pace while focusing on my type of learning style. Online school has helped me become more self-sufficient. I chose my courses based on what would help me get ahead in college and also prepare me for the workload of a college class. I wanted challenging classes that my brick and mortar school did not offer me.

Learning in a traditional classroom differed in comparison from learning online. I went to two different brick and mortar schools which the experiences were different. The teachers graded work just for grades. Students did not care about what the teacher said. None of my teachers prepared me for any future classes. My traditional school counselor told me I was not smart enough to move up to honors or AP classes yet I was receiving A's in my regular classes and did nothing but simple worksheets. My parents had to contact my counselor multiple times to move me up.

Online classes gave me more of a challenge. The online school counselor moved me to higher classes based on my efforts. The teachers gave more feedback and gave multiple options to learning a lesson. The lessons all matched each other and helped with future courses. I never learned how to write an essay until attending online school. I believe online school was more challenging and has helped prepare me for college and to succeed in everyday life.



Las Vegas, NV


Nevada Learning Academy


College of Southern Nevada