Jacob Klinckhardt


“Traditional classes were not working out for me. I couldn't focus and I thought I needed something different so I found online classes and it was exactly what needed to help me focus and allowed me to do some things I didn't think I could do before.”

– Jacob Klinckhardt

Blended or online classrooms bridge the learning gaps of students because it allows for a different pace for students that are suitable for them and they have the chance to take their learning into their own hands. For me, I had trouble staying focused and keeping track of my assignments in a traditional classroom, but in my online classes I have the ability to focus directly on the subject I’m studying.

When I made my choice to go to my online classes I chose classes I wasn't excelling in and needed help or different way to take the class. When I was learning in traditional classrooms it was very blunt, fast paced, and busy. I wasn't able to stay focused. It was hard to keep up and I had issues keeping track of my work.

When I transfered to online learning courses, I was able to work at a slower pace allowing me to focus on what I'm learning, I was able to keep my work together and keep track of it. Ultimately Online learning courses improved my grades which allowed me to graduate.



St. Louis, MO


Oakville High School


St. Louis Community College - Forest Park