Alyssa Kemp


“Online classes helped me jump start for college since as I leave home for college with nearly a year's worth of credits already completed.”

– Alyssa Kemp

Online classes bridge the learning gaps for students by providing classes that otherwise would not be accessible to the students–especially students in small rural schools. Personally, I have been able to expand my learning through many online classes to include college level mathematics, bio-engineering, child psychology, etc. Not only do online classes add variety, online classes also personalized pace as I am able to breeze through subjects that I understand and take more time on aspects I don't easily comprehend.

When choosing online classes, I look for classes where I am able to find outside assistance if I have a question. In a traditional classroom, students have teachers pushing them to do their homework and have scheduled times to learn; however, in online classrooms, students must push themselves to learn and must find times to do the class.

My completion of online courses will allow me to complete a Masters in Engineering in just 5 years with my completed blended learning.



Cavalier, ND


Cavalier Public


Drexel University