Abigale Koch


“One nearly interesting thing is that there are technology elements in each of my college classes; online learning has continued to aid me in my educational career.”

– Abigale Koch

Blended and online learning courses offer students a variety of learning options. Instead of reading, writing and listening in a traditional classroom setting, students can use the Internet to watch YouTube videos, play educational games and look up all sorts of articles.

Now that I've started community college, I've often chosen online courses as I generally prefer them. They allow me to get ahead in my studies, go deeper into the subjects I'm learning and I can avoid fashion concerns. Plus, I can continue to work and volunteer during the weekdays and focus more on my hobby of art. At Clatsop, I must say learning in the traditional classroom and online have both been quite helpful.

Even though Clatsop doesn't specialize in online learning, I'm enjoying learning at the school. However, learning through my online classes is still my favorite because of the flexibility and freedom it offers. Interestingly, there is almost always an online component to the classes I am taking at Clatsop.



Gearhart, OR


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Clatsop Community College