Hannah Crawford


“Digital education has transformed my life because I have been able to move things around and also have been able to prepare for college.”

– Hannah Crawford

How blended and online learning courses bridge the learning gap for students is they allow for individual progress at the student's pace. These resources are valuable in helping students who are looking for a nontraditional way to learn and go through schooling without the added pressures of traditional schools.

When offered choices in blended and online learning environments, what characteristics that were ultimately chosen were the flexibility of the scheduling for online learning, classes could be recorded so if I needed to review the lessons more in depth there was always the opportunity to do that whether day or night and without having to inconvenience someone from their own schedule.

From the experience of learning in a traditional school and an online classroom, some key differences were the face-to-face time with other people and students, the social experience that was given, and the teachers online are able to control the classrooms better allowing for focused lessons. 



Rosepine, LA


Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy


LaMar Salter Technical Institute