Kaitlyn Duncan


“This blended and online schooling has allowed me graduate a year early...it has been an amazing journey and I am so glad I went with this.”

– Kaitlyn Duncan

Online learning and blended classes not only give students the chance to learn what is required, but even beyond that. If I did not understand a lesson or an assignment given I could easily get more help when needed. All of the teachers main concern is to make sure you prosper. In an online class setting it is almost the same as a real class room just in the comfort of your own home.

In an online or blended course you are required to pay attention, be engaged, participate in activities, and communicate with other classmates. I was actually given the chance and opportunity to learn beyond my grade level. I will be graduating a year early with an honors diploma. That is also why I don’t have any SAT or ACT scored. I will be taking those tests this year.  

Traditional school would have never gave me this opportunity and I am glad that online did. With online I feel like I wasn’t wasting my time on useless information. I have learned more and beyond what I expected being in online school.



Winnemucca, NV


Nevada Virtual Academy


Great Basin College