Haley Wadsworth


“The way I was able to graduate earn my my associates degree at the same time as my high degree was because of on-line learning.”

– Haley Wadsworth

Online courses allowed me to take classes that were not offered at my school. A school in a small town doesn’t have the capacity to offer a wide variety of challenging courses. Availability and flexibility are the major factors that influenced me to chose the online environment.

When taking an online course, I am able to work at my own pace. If I struggle with a concept, I am able to spend more time practicing and going over the material. In a traditional classroom, the teacher moves on before every student is able to understand a new concept. The same applies if I excel in a particular topic; I can progress to a new topic quicker than some of my classmates.

My experience with online learning has been very positive. Taking college level courses online allowed me to earn my Associate of Arts degree while still attending high school everyday. I was also able to play varsity level sports and participate in the everyday experiences of high school.



Middleburg, FL


Middleburg High School


University of Florida