Makenzy Whittekiend


“Without online classes I would not have had that college exposure and outdoor exposure, having more flexibility in my schedule.”

– Makenzy Whittekiend

Online learning courses bridge learning gaps for students in a variety of ways, the first being they can learn at their own pace. For advanced students, it is extremely aggravating to sit in a class where work can be completed in 10 minutes. Online courses allow individuals to work at an accelerated pace and finish a given learning unit in a matter of days.

Similarly, students who tend to fall behind can use online or blended courses as a way to work at a slower learning pace. They can choose to finish a unit in a given two week time, extending their learning until it is due. Online courses also allow a student to work on their own time and take the classroom home. Furthermore, most students who take online or blended learning courses take them as a way to excel.

Dual credit classes are typically among those selected. My experience in online classes allowed me to do just that. I could work ahead of other students and work on my own time, which has allowed me to hold a part-time job.



Hagerman, ID


Hagerman Jr./Sr. High School


College of Southern Idaho