Sarah Tate


“Online classes have been one of my favorite parts of my high school experience.”

“Online classes have taught me to open my eyes and work with people I otherwise would not have.”

– Sarah Tate

Blended and online learning courses bridge learning gaps for students. For most students, myself included, the online courses taken are often college courses. This bridges the gap of a college learning experience in high school before graduation. It teaches about deadlines, strict requirements, and responsibility that is needed in college.

The environment of the online courses is in a computer lab with several other students, computers, and a facilitator. The online environment is a very good one. The teacher is always easy to contact and the lessons are neatly organized. I have never been able to focus in a traditional classroom. There are students that are distracting, the pace is either too fast or too slow, and work is often lost or misplaced.

In an online course, I can work at my own pace as long as I meet deadlines, I am never distracted by other students, and all my work is saved on my computer. Online/blended courses are very beneficial.



Greers Ferry, AR


West Side


University of Arkansas Community College