Cassandra Caraway


My college online classes pushed me to achieve at a higher level because I had to do college-level reading assignments, write college-level papers, and my professors had higher expectations of me.

– Cassandra Caraway

I believe that blended and online learning classes bridge learning gaps for students by taking away a lot of stress usually found in a regular classroom. I believe that regular classrooms are way more stressful than online classes because you are given so much to do in such little time to do it. All the online classes in which I have taken have always met every other day. This means you don’t have to get your homework done in one day, and also students have time to ask the teacher questions if they are confused about the assignment.

The characteristics of the online classes that I chose were very laid back. By this, I mean that there was not a ton of information dumped on me all at once. My teachers would thoroughly explain our lessons and then would make sure everyone in the class was understanding. I do not mean that the classes were not hard, they were, but the way the teachers were teaching the classes made it easier than if I was taught in one of my regular classes.

What I really liked about my college online classes is that I could email my teacher at any time and get a good response. Whether it was at night or on the weekend I could always count on them getting back to me as quick as possible.

I have found that I like my blended or online classes more than I like my regular classroom classes. I find it is easier to keep up with the work and easier to understand. Also since the teacher has the same days off that we do, this makes the teacher free to answer any of my questions by email. I also like the fact the I am able to contact my online teachers after school, on weekends, or even over break. In my regular classrooms, if I had a question on homework I would have to wait until the next day to ask. I would also have to come in early to get my questions answered because, more often than not, the homework would be due the following day.

If I had to choose between an online class or a regular class I would definitely choose the online class.



Osceola, NE


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Doane University