February 2019 #futureofschool Chat Recap

In our second monthly installment of the #futureofschool Twitter chat, we explored Americans’ satisfaction with the K-12 education system. Co-hosts Paul Solarz and Amy Valentine led a lively chat with teachers, college students, school leaders, blended learning organizations, parents and concerned community members from across the U.S., Canada and Australia. Many shared their personal experiences when responding to the questions and prompts they posed:

  • What are some of the factors you believe contribute to Americans being dissatisfied with the U.S. education system?

  • What can be done on a local scale to help address these factors? (Parents? Citizens? Teachers? Business/civic leaders?)

  • What factors play a role in the [oft-cited] 72% satisfaction rate with schools?  

  • List some myths about the public education system and debunk them individually.

  • What does the 'future of school' look like, in your eyes?

  • How can we amplify the positive in K-12 learning experiences, including what's working well and how it can be scaled?

  • If you could overhaul one aspect of our public education system, what might it be and why?

Participants’ insights offered up both a critical look at public education as well as optimism for specific ways in which it can be effectively (if not incrementally) improved. Here are some of the discussion highlights:

eventLisa Mullis