Joseph Wornom


“At the beginning, I didn't realize how much online classes would change me...for the better.”

– Joseph Wornom

I sat up, as though it would aid me in keeping my composure, but it could not stop the silent tears streaming down my face. Learning in a traditional classroom attempted to claim my attention, but as my mother had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, holding myself together was already too great a task to handle.

As I center my life on what truly matters, online and blended courses have enabled me to continue learning at my own pace and keep me on track with their flexibility. They have taught me how to take learning into my own hands and through this, in spite of the out of state trips and the late night hospital stays, have helped me find success in my traditional classes.

Throughout my high school career I have taken online classes in addition to a full schedule in order that I might challenge myself. As blended and online courses aid in bridging the learning gap caused by the mental and emotional strain of personal crises, I can continue doing this. For this I am thankful.



Virginia Beach, VA


Princess Anne High School


Harvard University