Crystal Tafoya


“I joined the blended and online learning community in a effort to find classes that fit my interests. Not only did I find those classes but I also found a supportive community and as a result, my life became multidimensional...Online and blended learning gave me back time and it allowed me to lead a multi faceted life.”

– Crystal Tafoya

Blended and online learning courses bridge learning gaps for students; they accomplish this in three ways. One, they remove peer pressure, thus allowing students to focus on themselves without comparisons and negativity. Two, learning is tailored to you, to match your needs. Three, the smaller student to teacher ratio makes sure that each individual is taken care of so that the class fits and teaches the student.

When I was offered the choice of courses, I first chose those that explored possible career interests, then the ones that moved me toward my career goal. In public school the days were filled with drama and negative peer pressure rather than learning. In comparison, both my charter and online school emphasized learning, motivating students.

However, it was the online school that gave me the opportunity to learn, explore, and figure out my future steps with the amazing support of teachers who really and truly cared about me. I am very thankful for that experience.



Fort Collins, CO


Colorado Preparatory Academy


Front Range Community College: Larimer