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Elisabeth's educational journey was filled with with bullying, overcoming labels, and fighting for the right to attend a school that was best suited for her learning style. With courage and determination, Elisabeth shares her story, with the goal of breaking down social stigmas and empowering others.

Thousands of students like Elizabeth are challenging the status quo.

They are demanding quality options in the K-12 public school space—made possible for ALL kids by embracing technology in the classroom. 

They are thinking outside of the box to enroll in blended and online classes or programs.

The impact is clear in their testimonials—they are passionate, empowered and ready to take on the world. 

Please help us to honor and reward future leaders in our country.

Your donation to the Student Scholarship Fund, offered through the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning, will help provide post-secondary awards for tuition, books, and fees to digital pioneers like Elisabeth. 100% of your donation goes toward the scholarship fund and every penny counts.

Reimagine what the #futureofschool in our country can be through the eyes of those who matter the most—our students. 

Give to Scholarship fund